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Movies to Watch When the Seasonal Depression Hits

Here are some of the best movies to watch when you need a happy distraction.

There are many perks about the weather getting colder, such as cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and, of course, Christmas. But for some, those perks come with a cost… seasonal depression. Here are some movies to help get you out of that funk and hopefully cheer you up.

Mamma Mia!-

I may be a bit biased with Mamma Mia! because it is my favorite movie of all time, but it is the perfect movie to lift your mood. It is a musical told strictly by the songs from the band ABBA, hence the title. Over half of the movie is singing, which some people may dislike, but makes me, and others, extremely happy. It is set in Greece on a beautiful fictional island called “Kalokairi”. Although this movie is mostly about joy and happiness, it also reflects on family, belonging, facing your own consequences, and how sometimes the answers you think you need are better left unknown. It’s about love, but not just romantic love. It’s about the love between a mother and a daughter and the love that is shared between friends. For an hour and 48 minutes you are transported in a different world where there is just pure happiness all around you. Watching it is sure to cheer you up.


Paddington 2-

The most innocent and perfect little guy in the world, Paddington the bear, can make anyone smile. While other sequels usually get worse with the second film, Paddington 2 does the opposite as it was better than the first one. Everything from the villain to the jokes were better the second time around. It was stronger and much more captivating. Paddington has an effect on every person he interacts with, making them happier and changing them for the better, including the audience. Even though a good chunk of the movie takes place in a prison, he has the ability to make it warm and full of life. Paddington 2 was able to produce a kid friendly movie that stresses the importance of kindness and accepting others while still being funny and not cringy. Trust me, seeing the little bear in his little human clothes is sure to make you happy.


Pitch Perfect-

Sometimes all you need is a good comedy to brighten your mood, and Pitch Perfect is one of the best ones out there. No matter how many times you rewatch it, it never gets old. There is so much chemistry shared amongst the cast which projects onto the audience making it an enjoyable watch for anyone. The movie follows Beca, a college student, who decided to join an acapella group called the “Barden Bellas”. It is so satisfying listening to them sing and hearing how they overlap and mix music together. Beca also shows great character development throughout the movie, along with other characters, that gives the movie its sense of purpose. But above all, the movie is hilarious. Even though I have seen this movie over 30 times, I still laugh at all the jokes as they are incapable of getting old. 


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World-

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is adapted from a graphic novel series which is shown in the style of the film. Its distinctive style makes it refreshing and visually pleasing to watch as it is different from anything else. The characters each have their own “thing” which makes all the character interactions unexpected and hilarious and keeps you on your toes. It’s a great movie to watch when you want to be cheered up because of its non-stop humor that will always have you laughing. Along with the film, an eight episode miniseries was just recently released, called Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. At first it seems like it’s going to be the same story from the movie just in animated form, but it quickly shoots into a new direction and kicks off from there. Both the movie and the show are great watches to make you smile. 


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-

A fun hearted and classic movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is full of life. It has timeless humor that can be enjoyed by any age and can be watched with the company of yourself or the company of others. It’s one of those movies where it will always be funny, no matter how many times you have seen it. The plot is centered around a high school student, Ferris Bueller, who fakes being ill to his parents to spend the day in the city with his girlfriend and best friend, which makes it easily relatable to students. It is also very unrealistic at times, but that makes it all the more fun. At one point it is turned into a full on musical. The characters have their flaws but are overall so lovable and funny in their own way. It is bound to make anyone who watches it happier. 



Any Studio Ghibli film-

There is something about Studio Ghibli films that makes it almost impossible to finish one of their movies and not have a smile on your face, unless you watch Grave of the Fireflies. (I recommend staying away from that one if you aren’t in the best place.) Watching them makes you feel like a little kid again, even if you didn’t grow up watching them. My favorite one is Whisper of the Heart with its quirky story and relatable characters. You fall in love with the gorgeous animation style in each film that feels like magic. The most notable ones being Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Ponyo. Some lesser known ones, but equally as good are Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and so much more. Each one is soaked up in the feeling of nostalgia which makes them feel like a warm hug and a perfect pick-me-up. And check out The Boy and the Heron coming to theaters December 8th!


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