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Sephora Kids: Is this just a Trend or Reality?

Why the media is freaking out about ten year old’s in makeup stores.

The Alpha generation, who used to be labeled as “ iPad kids” has grown up and is now taking over Sephora. A new epidemic has hit and it is breaking the internet. I’m sure most people have seen the outbreak of kids in Sephora and Ulta. It has become a big trend on TikTok where people share their encounters with these kids in the stores. The situations range from arguing for the last makeup product to these kids being disrespectful and flat-out destructive. 

Who is letting these kids run around these stores buying makeup and products that will ruin their skin? What happened to little girls going to Claire’s, you know, the age-appropriate store that was made for them? I’ll tell you what happened, these girls see TikToks of trendy products and are convinced they need them. 

The TikToks show products being destroyed after many kids went to Sephora. Makeup and skincare testers have been ruined after kids play with them. They also mix a bunch of skincare products to make what they call a “skincare smoothie.” These kids have been known to spend ridiculous amounts of money on skincare products they do not need. The most popular products are from a brand called Drunk Elephant. The products from this brand range from 20 dollars to even 135 dollars. This brand targets adults, most products being for anti-aging. Still, kids have been the main buyers. 

After seeing so many videos of these little girls in these stores, I decided to check it out for myself. I went to Ulta first not thinking I would see a lot of kids, but I was wrong. These girls couldn’t have been above the age of 10 considering the way they talked.

 They were all dressed in the same “preppy” leggings with crop top sweaters and Lulu Lemon cross-body bags. 

Anyway, as I was browsing the skincare aisles, I saw two little girls, both holding small Sephora bags, tell their mom “Here, hold this slave,” as they handed their mom their bags.

Oh my god, what, no way I just heard that. Is this girl serious? These kids have no filter and don’t seem to care. My next stop was Sephora and to my surprise, there were fewer kids in there. Still, I saw multiple little girls checking out the expensive makeup along with a little girl rubbing a tester on her mouth. Girl that is so unsanitary. Where is your mother? She didn’t seem to care though as she continued browsing the makeup. Another popular brand they seemed to love was Glow Recipe (a skincare brand). I even saw a mom help out her little girl to pick out a product from that brand. Wow, let’s see what the Sephora workers have to say about this epidemic. 

 Twenty one year old TikToker and Sephora worker ”Nat” went viral after making a story time about a little girl who nearly spent 900 dollars of her mom’s money. The little girl’s basket was filled with skincare and expensive products. When the girl’s mom found out the total, she told the girl to take things out. The little girl argued with her mom saying she needed everything that was in her basket. After arguing for a couple of minutes, the girl finally gave up some products, dropping the total to 500 dollars.  Nat was stunned that this little girl picked out some of the most expensive products from the store. She didn’t say anything to the girl and her mother but spoke her mind on TikTok. 

“The moral of the story is, we can make all the story times in the world about how these little girls behave but nothing is gonna change until the parents change,” said Nat.

Watch Nat’s TikTok to hear the full storytime @natsodrizzy.

What do you think about these little girls using makeup and buying skincare? Would you say it’s the parent’s fault or the media? Or could it be both?

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  • S

    StudentJan 30, 2024 at 9:21 pm

    Honestly, it’s the media nowadays. People are seeing things on the internet and want to be “cool” and “popular” so they buy that stuff. An example is Lululemon leggings, it is so ridiculously expensive for one pair of leggings. You could get an equally good pair of leggings for like $20 instead of $100+ But because people are seeing it on TikTok it is becoming trendy so they “must” have it.