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Top Songs of 2023

Here are some of the iconic artists and music that became popular in 2023.

2023 was an amazing year for the progression of diversity in the music industry. From the range of genres and lyrics to the diversity of the artists. Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular songs from the year, and my favorites parts of them.



The pop industry has been run by artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Miley Cyrus for years. This continues and is starting to look like a tradition.


“Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift

“Cruel Summer” is a song that describes the casualties of a situationship, specifically during the summer. Taylor talks about how she is falling for a man, but she knows that the relationship will only ever be casual. The summer is “cruel” due to the fact that Taylor knows that she can’t have the boy exclusively. 

Favorite Lyric:

I’m drunk in the back of the car

And I cried like a baby coming home from the bar 

Said, “I’m fine” but it wasn’t true

I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you.


“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

“Flowers” is a song about not needing a partner to make yourself happy. It tells the story of how you can be happy and do all of the things that a partner could do for yourself. 

Favorite Lyric:

We were good, we were gold

Kinda dream that can’t be sold

We were right ’til we weren’t

Built a home and watched it burn

I didn’t wanna leave you

I didn’t wanna lie


“What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish

This song describes the feeling of not knowing if you were actually made for something; if you actually have a purpose in this world.

Favorite Lyric:

When did it end? All the enjoyment

I’m sad again, don’t tell my boyfriend

It’s not what he’s made for

What was I made for?



The country music industry is growing in certain areas of the United States, including Iowa. Country music is widely hated due to the fact that many country songs seem to be about the same thing. From falling in love in a small town, to drinking beer and trucks. 


“Last Night” by Morgan Wallen

“Last Night” is about how a young couple got into an argument, turning into the last night they have together. Morgan thinks about and recaps the difficult conversation that he had with his significant other.

Favorite Lyrics:

No way it was our last night, we said we’d had enough

I can’t remember everything we said, but we said too much

I know you packed your shit and slammed the door right before you left

But baby, baby, something’s tellin’ me this ain’t over yet


“I Remember Everything” by Zach Bryan and Kasey Musgraves

Zach Bryan stated in an interview that “I Remember Everything” isn’t just a song about losing a loved one but also about how memories shape us as people.

Favorite Lyrics:

You’re like concrete feet in the summer heat

It burns like hell when two souls meet

No, you’ll never be the man that you always swore

But I’ll remember you singin’ in that ’88 Ford


“Fast Car” by Luke Combs

The lyrics describe the want to escape from everything, but as the song continues the wanderlust grows it becomes more apparent.

Favorite Lyrics:

You got a fast car

Is it fast enough so we can fly away?

Still gotta make a decision

Leave tonight, or live and die this way



This genre, a mixture between pop and rap, was a staple across America during 2023. A lot of these songs became popular TikTok sounds. 


“Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat

“Paint the Town Red” is an unapologetic anthem in which Doja Cat conveys that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions on her. Doja Cat said, “Your hatred cannot affect me. I am what I am and I’m proud of it.

Favorite Lyrics:

She put her foot to the pedal

It’ll take a whole lot for me to settle (walk on by)


“Thru Your Phone” by Cardi B

While this song is a few years old it became extremely popular in 2023. TikTok was a big part of this. “Thru Your Phone” is a powerful song that dives into the topics of broken trust, betrayal, and infidelity. Cardi is angry about her partner cheating and when looking through his phone she finds things that she doesn’t like.

Favorite Lyrics:

I cannot stand you, right hand to Jesus

I might just cut all the tongues out your sneakers

Smash your TV from Best Buy

You gon’ turn me into into Left Eye

I don’t wanna hear ’bout invasion of privacy

I had a feeling, it turns out you lie to me

I’m holdin’ back everything that’s inside of me


“Favorite Song” by Toosii

“Favorite Song” is about the ideal qualities and actions that a loving partner has. Toosii is searching for a partner that can make him feel loved and valued. Toosii says that, “It [Favorite Song] is about touching every dynamic of what a woman expects from a man.”

Favorite Lyrics:

I see the look on your face, I see you’re hidin’ the hate

I see you’re lookin’ for someone to scoop you right off of your feet

You want to ride in the Wraith

You want to go out on dates

You want somebody to come bring you flowers

Someone to talk to for hours

Wash your back while y’all sit in the shower


Honorable Mentions:

  • Boy’s a Liar by Pink Pantheress and Ice Spice
  • Cupid by Fifty-Fifty
  • Never Felt so Alone by Labrinth
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    Mrs. KeitelFeb 1, 2024 at 3:45 pm

    Good article, DeLaney! Very informative. Did you know “Fast Car” is actually a remake of the Tracy Chapman song released in 1988. Yes, back when I was young!