Faculty Farewell: Kristin Hartman

The control center behind SCJH

Kaitlyn Ford, Sport's Section Editor

As we are approaching the end of the year, we sadly will lose some great staff members as professionals take their next steps in their careers, or have the chance to retire. Within the realm of education, there are numerous jobs that have to be filled and that can be hard to do. One of these roles will exist in the main office of Susan Clark Junior High next year as Kristin Hartman, our SCJH secretary, retires.

Mrs. Hartman has worked with the school district since 1996 first in the cafeteria, then as a substitute teacher, then as a long-term secretary at the Transportation Department, which then turned into a full-time position until 2007. From there, she had a brief stay in which she then went to Central Middle School for 8 weeks as a secretary until she permanently landed as a secretary at Susan Clark Junior High (aka West Middle School) and has been making memories ever since.

A lot of professionals have a specific reason and traditional timeline when making the decision to enter a career, but. For Mrs. Hartman, her clarity about her career didn’t come until after she established her family.

“I was a stay-at-home mom and when my youngest son started Kindergarten, I decided to go back to work but the job that made the most sense to me was being a para for the schools so I could be off when my children were,” said Kristin Hartman.

It is only normal to reminisce about the memories created by her amazing career whether it be bad ones that taught her valuable lessons, or emotional moments that will always have a place in her heart.

“Seeing the kids every day and the staff I will miss. We are a family here at Susan Clark Junior High,” said Kristin Hartman.

Some of an educator’s best moments within education can be very personal and heartfelt, while still being fun and light-hearted.
“Watching the students grow and eventually graduate from High School. Being part of some of the special things like spirit weeks and all the fun stuff we do,” said Kristin Hartman.

Long-lasting connections with students or colleagues that have impacted Ms. Hartman can last someone their entire life.

“I have made very good friends that will last a lifetime! I have even made lasting relationships with some past students,” said Kristin Hartman.

Experiences change people, each can be different and unique yet beautiful and life-altering

“This job made me more empathetic, and has even made me stronger as a person,” “I would have started my career earlier if I could go back and do something differently!” said Hartman.

Within such a career, there is bound to be something a teacher would have gained from the job.

“Strength! Strengthening my relationships, my character, and my knowledge,” said Hartman.

As the school year ends, the days get closer to Ms. Hartman leaving the education world. In this case, she has it all planned out.

Mrs. Hartman said, “I have a son who lives in Dallas, Texas. And another son who lives in Walker, Iowa (who has my 3 grandsons. My husband and I plan to travel to see them and spend time with my 3 favorite little humans (said, grandsons)!!”

As she finally parts from the little world of a town that we call Muscatine, handing out advice is only a given for such an important role in our community. For her, it was rather short but nonetheless sweet.


“Make the job your own” -Kristin Hartman.