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Charley Pierce: Empowered by work, music, and her dragon

The definition of empowerment is “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” Charley is empowered by many things that make her who she is.

Charley is a Senior at MHS and is in both the newspaper and the yearbook – where she is the designer in both. She runs the website for the newspaper and makes sure everything is organized and running correctly. She oversees the templates for the yearbook – making sure everything looks seamless and aesthetically pleasing. 

“I don’t have a lot of time outside of school. Especially since right now, I’m trying to get a job,” said Charley.“I focus on school a lot. I’m trying to not slack so much.” 

Honeymae taking a big yawn

Charley is also taking a horticulture class for MCC at the high school. She hopes to go into Marine Biology and work with tropical animals.

Charley has always had a love for animals. “I have four dogs, three cats, and a bearded dragon,” said Charley. “I have a bulldog wiener dog, and that’s my dog her name is HoneyMae but I call her Moo, she’s like my own little cow.”

Zeko side eyeing us because she hates her tank

Although Charley’s favorite animal is her bearded dragon, Zeko, “I love Zeko more than anything in my life. She is my ride or die,” said Charley.

She cares a lot about Zeko and takes good care of her, “She’s mostly a free-roam dragon, when she isn’t in her cage during the day. So I pretty much just let her go wherever she wants. Like she sleeps in my bed with me. I know it sounds scary or weird but I have a baby blanket and I fold it so it makes a little pillow and she sleeps in it,” said Charley.

She and her bearded dragon have a very close bond.

“She has never bit me. I’ve tried to get her to bite me and she won’t bite me. I’ve even tried to put my finger in her mouth. She loves everyone. She will let anyone hold her, she is very nice,” said Charley.

She and her bearded dragon both share a love for music.  

“She likes music too. She will do little twirls around when she hears music,” said Charley. 

“I love music so much. I was in the top fifteen percent of the most active Spotify users and I didn’t even know that was a thing. I love 21 Savage. I also have listened to K-pop for eight years. My favorites are Twice, NCT, New Jeans, literally so many others too. I think I have around 130 K-pop albums,” said Charley.

Charley loves music and media including T.V. shows, “I love the Kardashians. I think they’re funny, just because they’re so out of touch with actual reality. I also love watching true crime, in any form. I’m also a big fan of K-dramas.”

Charley questions people a lot and finds their spectacles quite interesting. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m the center of the drama but I kind of love being around drama that’s not mine,” said Charley, “I wouldn’t say I’m a judgy person in the fact that ‘oh you like that’ I’m more judgy on the fact of like how did we get to this point? How did this decision come to be?“ 

Despite this Charley still gets along with a lot of people and is very impressionable. 

“I’m a very good people reader. I don’t know how to explain it but people will open up to me really easily and I don’t mind that,” said Charley.

Charley talks to a lot of people and often is the life of the party.

“I love being funny. I’m a very funny person. I’m always told that I’m funny. I love making people laugh. I love talking. I can talk so much. I’ve always been really good at presentations and doing interviews,” said Charley.

All these aspects of Charley and her interests make her who she is. She is well-known as well as well-liked with a bright future ahead of her.

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Maya Simpson is a sophomore at MHS and it is her first year writing for the MHS Auroran Today. She participates in swimming, tennis, marching band, model UN, and jazz at the high school. She enjoys laughing with her family, messing around with friends, and participating in her activities. She makes sure she focuses on school with a busy schedule. Currently, Maya is working on being more organized she started by deleting her entire drive.
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