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    Social Media Break: Is it worth it?

    Sometimes, we all need a little break from the digital world. “Disconnect to Reconnect”

    I, Kaitlyn, have always been glued to my phone. I joined social media at around 10 years old and had never not had it. But a couple of days ago, I decided to delete all of my social media.

    Social media can be seen as a very toxic environment. In my eyes, it allows for constant comparison and is at fault for a lot of unrealistic expectations.

    I recognized that I was going on TikTok instead of being active in the classroom. As a Junior, I have a full schedule with many AP classes, so I really cannot afford to not be active in the class. However since I deleted social media, my mind feels at ease. I do not hold the stress of “omg I wondered if they posted something else”.

    Here is how I avoid social media (Kaitlyn):
    I deleted TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter (X), however, I kept Snapchat. I already use Snapchat to a minimum. I only “snap” three people.

    Something that is helping me keep social media out is good old Pinterest. Although it is counted as social media, it is not as harmful. I simply look at pretty pictures of nails, drawings, watercolors, etc.

    But now, instead of going straight onto my phone after school when I do not work, I get my schoolwork done. So at 11 P.M., I do not freak out about having to turn in an assignment at 11:59 P.M.

    My music is making the process of taking social media out WAY easier. I just put my Airpods in and go about my business.

    Here is how I avoid social media (Ninel):

    Instead of deleting my social media apps, I use the app Opal to limit my screen time. I have used the downtime option in my settings on my phone before to block apps off for certain hours of the day but found myself clicking the ignore button instead and I wanted something more effective.

    Opal works this way; you choose the hours and apps that you want to be blocked off and five minutes before that scheduled time you receive a heads-up notification letting you know it is almost time for “Work Time”. During work time you don’t have access to those apps unless you decide to “Leave Early” or “Snooze” for up to 15 minutes.

    Although this is similar to the downtime feature in settings, I find it more effective because it takes more steps to dismiss the restrictions.

    Another strategy I have is to just completely shut my phone off and put it someplace I won’t be tempted to go on it or turn my notifications off on apps that I want to stay away from.

    So should you take a break?
    Try taking a break for a day or two and see how it affects you. You never know, you could realize that social media is not for you. Try to disconnect from your phone to reconnect to the real world.

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