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Gypsy Rose: The Media’s new Obsession

Is social media the best approach she could be making?

“Y’all are expecting Gypsy Rose to come out of prison and be an influencer.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison On December 28th, 2023. She was originally imprisoned for her involvement and planning of her mothers’ murder in 2015. Since her release, she has made multiple appearances on social media and talk shows, which has gained tons of supporters. However, It seems that she’s been put in a position where people in the media are treating her like an Influencer.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard had been a victim of “Munchhausen syndrome By Proxy” for 16 years due to her mother’s actions. This would later result in her involvement in the murder her mother with the help of her then boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn. She had truly believed that killing her mother was the only way she would be able to be free. Later on they were both found guilty. Gypsy would serve a 10 year sentence for second degree murder, and Nick would serve a life sentence for first degree murder.

Gypsy’s Publicity.
Currently Gypsy is captivating the media’s attention with her active presence on social media. Gypsy stated, “I’m posting selfies just like the next person would, not thinking anything of it and before I know it, it has 2 million views.”
With all being said, multiple talk shows have hosted her to talk about her story, along with her new husband Ryan Anderson. Recently she has been interviewed by “The View”, where she opened up about her goals moving forward. Blanchard stated, “I know that I have a big platform now, and let’s see what I can do with it. I’m gonna try to create some change and be a voice for the voiceless.” During this interview, Gypsy reiterated that her only goal with this attention is to be an advocate and to help others.

Despite Blanchard’s goals for advocacy, many people speculate that her rise in social media isn’t in her best interest in the long run. The issue is concerning because, how is this all going to play out in different aspects of her life? Marc Feldman, a Psychiatrist, and expert on Munchhausen by Proxy, speaks out about Gypsy’s publicity saying, “Nobody really seems to be asking the question of what is best psychologically got Gypsy, and I wish more people would.
Gypsy, who is clearly a deeply traumatized young woman, is expected to adapt to a “Normal life” after spending her whole life being abused and then spending 8 years incarcerated. On top of that, she is now constantly being surrounded by the pressure of social media attention.

When an individual is being put on such a high pedestal in the media, backlash is expected. During interviews, many people find that some of Gypsy’s responses to questions about Nicholas Godejohn are misleading and the media is speculating that she could get in trouble. The current statements that Gypsy is giving about Godejohn don’t align with the ones made 8 years ago during a court hearing, where Gypsy had confessed to the involvement in the murder and agreed that she was equally in the wrong.

My Perspective
Overall, I personally speculated that there would be issues concerning Gypsy when all of this publicity came out. However, I will say that it is a difficult situation because, while leaving her alone would be the right thing to do, It’s not what she wants. She wants her publicity to be used as an outlet for advocacy, which is great. However, I am concerned that this publicity could damage multiple areas in her life, along with her mental well being. The expectation that Gypsy would come out of a 8 year prison sentence and jump to become the media’s biggest star after years of abuse is not realistic. It’s just not a good idea.

The media needs to stop treating Gypsy Rose as an influencer because she is far from it.

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